Sunday, June 24, 2018

Help Me With My Mortgage! It Is A Tough One!!

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Help Me With My Mortgage!  It Is A Tough One!!

Not everyone can walk into a bank and get a mortgage to buy a house.  Not everyone fits the "perfect" mold.  As a matter of fact, I would say the MOST people don't fit that mold.

One great thing about being a Mortgage Broker is that I have the availability of dozens of mortgage programs that will fit just about everyone's needs.  Where as Bank has typically less than 10 and they mostly have the same or similar guideline, I have the advantage of being able to see your situation and then go find a lender that will do it!

The days of "I've banked there all my life" are over.  Banks sell all (a few exceptions) of there loans into the secondary market and the secondary market will only buy loans that meet their guidelines.  It becomes the trickle down affect.  

I have the ability to do all of those types of mortgages as well.  And I do.  Specializing in personalized service---because it is just me!  But in addition, I have mortgages that don't fit the secondary guideline market and I can still do them.

Are you self-employed and turned down?   Do you have an ITIN?  Have you been on your job a short time?   Do you have low credit scores?  Have you had a foreclosure?  A bankruptcy? Don't have much money?

There are mortgage programs that fit many of those things.  They all have guidelines, too, but much easier to fulfill.

So don't be afraid!  If you have been turned down don't take it personally and just assume that the bank didn't have a program to match to you.  Maybe I do.

Call me for a free pre-qualification.  I don't have a website for you to "apply" on.  I am a little old school and want to get to know you.d

I am waiting to hear from you................................

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent: Your Big Why

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams  Realty

Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

Admittedly, there are many aspects to becoming a successful real estate agent.  I have found that taking the steps one at a time will move you along much faster,

Step One:   Your Big Why (Or Want)   

I have found that if you don't want it bad enough you won't get it.   If you jump out of bed every morning and dash off, to work on the plan to get you what you want, you have found your big WHY.  If you drag out of bed with no plan but your first cup of coffee then maybe you need to spend some time thinking. 
No Room For Cry Babies

A plan with clarity of mind and extreme focus can get you where you want to be. 

What if you don't know where you want to be?  Or what you want to do?  Your dream is nebulous with no defined outline?  You have so many things going on in your life the only thing you can think of is getting through the day. 

This can only mean there is time for a change in your thought process.  Thinking can be hard work.  It takes time and energy.  There is a saying that goes something like this "a problem defined is nearly solved".  Define your problem.

Let me give you an example.  I'll use a simple example.  You ask a little boy (could be a girl) "what do you want to be when you grow up?".   He says a successful real estate agent.  Then you ask, "what do you have to do to become a successful real estate agent?".  At this point, \the boy/girl has an opportunity to choose whether or not he really wants to become a successful real estate agent.  He may shrug with and "

I don't know look" and move on OR he might say that he will need to read and talk to successful real estate agents to find out what you have to do and who you have to become.

He then can take all of the information and create a step by step plan on how to become a successful real estate agent.  IF he follows the plan he WILL become a successful real estate agent.   He discovered his big WHY and more importantly he created a plan to get there.

Now you try it.  If you are looking at this page with a blank stare then we have some work to do.  LOL

To become a successful real estate agent you first have to define for yourself what is "a successful real estate agent".  A little thinking and dreaming can go a long way at this point.  For one person it might mean selling 2 houses a month.  For someone else it might mean become a multi-millionaire and retiring in 5 years.  Not everyone has the same definition.  Yours is yours.

I know what you are thinking.  Gee, I want to be a multi-millionaire and retire in 5 years but I could never do that.  You have a limiting belief.  The real answer is that anyone can do it.  The truth, however, is how big is your WHY?  How bad do you want it?

I don't know if you ever had to do this in school before but I can remember having to do "outlines".  I hated them.  I hated them because I couldn't see how to get from here to where I was going. 

An outline is a plan.  It is a plan to get from where you are today to where you want to go.  Plans have steps.  All you have to do is find out what the steps are and build them into your plan and then follow them.  It is really pretty simple IF you follow your plan.  You will need help doing this.  Read Ask questions.  Follow successful people around.

Now going back to the undefined plan of the boy/girl that wants to become a successful real estate agent.  This is the point that will determine if your WHY is big enough.  Are you willing to do the research, talk to the right people, put a plan together and then follow it?

Going back to selling 2 houses a month or becoming a multi-millionaire; only you can decide which is what you want.  Selling 2 houses a month might be a smaller plan but it is a plan nonetheless.  It is something you have to put together and then follow it. 

A common thing to happen is that you lose track of where you are in your plan.  You are so busy trying to implement the plan you don't keep some sort of a scorecard to measure whether or not you are still on the plan.  A scorecard can be measured in $$$ earned or in houses sold or tied to time or whatever you want it to be.  You must have a scorecard to keep track.

So.  Is your WHY big enough to write it down, create a plan and then follow it?  Are you jumping out of bed every morning to move to the next point of implementation?  If your WHY isn't big enough you will only be thinking about that next cup of coffee.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

How To Figure Out Your Plan For Your LIfe: Your Big Why

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

How To Figure Out Your Plan For Your Life:  Your Big Why

Oh my gosh.  There is so much talk about this whole WHY thing and, for me, I had no idea how to figure out what my why was. I had no idea to even know where to start figuring it out!!!  Help.  Are you there?  Are you where I was?

Let me see if I can help.

I am going to use myself as an example because they always say to "use what you know".  Of course, in this case it may not apply since I still don't know exactly how this whole thing works.

Somehow after reading books I determined it started with goals.  That only served to confuse me more .  What is a goal?  In football it is a couple of posts standing up that people kick a football through.   I'm pretty sure that isn't what was meant in this situation.

According to google a goal is:  the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Hmmmmm.  What am I trying to accomplish?

Dreaming is great. 🗨️𝨐 I love to sit around and dream about going places and seeing new things and taking great pictures.  I really wish I could.  Follow along and sit for a moment and dream.  What are you wishing for?


What was the word that messed the whole thing up?  It is the word WISH.  We are always told to "wish upon a star" or throw a penny in a wishing well to get a wish, or even rub a genie (never could figure that one out) or blow out candles on a birthday cake.  Did it work for you?

Wishing doesn't get you very far.  You have to put legs to the wish.

So let's just talk the first part of my wish.  Going Places.  You follow along with your wish.

I wish I could go places.

I can go places.
I will go places.
I am going places
I am creating a plan to go places.  

How did yours come out?  I had a mind-shift.  An attitude change.  I went from wishing I could go places to creating a plan to actually do it. 

Next step.  

Where do I want to go?  I am dreaming about going to Alaska.  I have never been and I would like to go and see what is there.

First, I have to convince myself that I CAN do it.  Luckily for me I am an optimistic person.  It is easy for me to say "I can".   If you have trouble with that then you may have to take some time to convince yourself it is possible. Read positive thinking books.  Talk to positive people.  Eliminate the negative people in your life. (Hope you aren't married to one).  Write it on your hand, on the mirror in your bathroom, and just about everywhere.

(Let me just throw in here that it really has to be reasonable.  If you dream about visiting Mars you might need to back off just a bit.)

Second, you have to go from CAN to WILL.  Admittedly, I often fall down here.  The reason?  I don't want it bad enough.  My WHY isn't big enough.  This is where you decide if your dream (mine) is to go to Alaska or it was because I watched a documentary on Alaska and thought it was nice. If you don't want it bad enough then go back to the dream board.

In my case, however, I DO want this to happen.  I have decided.   I know I CAN.  At this point all doubt has to be eradicated.  It has to be my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.  I AM  going to Alaska.  This is a great time to start telling people.  That serves to do two things.  First,  it will become more real and second, they will hold you accountable.  

Now for my plan.  It has to be done in "outline" form.  I hate outlines.  I am going to list them first as questions?

When am I going?How am I getting there?How long will I be gone?What will I do when I get there?

How much money do I need to make this happen?  (Quite often this can be the challenge.)

When am I going?   I think first I need to determine what season I want to be there.  Winter, spring, summer, fall.  The weather will be a factor and depending on what I plan on doing may determine what time of year I am going.   Step:  Research seasons in Alaska.

How am I getting there?   I already know this one.  I am buying one of the Sprint RV's.  It is big enough to accommodate what I need and small enough so I don't need to drag along an additional car.  See I already had that figured out because I have started my research.

How long will I be gone?   For me, since my time is flexible, that can be an open-ended question.  How long I am gone really doesn't matter.  I can be gone a year if I want to.  I think I will fill that blank in with "until I am bored" or "until I want to go home".   That will suffice.

What will I do when I get there?   I have no idea.  I don't even know what is there is except wilderness.  That has a draw on me.  I grew up in Maine so I like wilderness, trees and water.  I need to make that a little more specific though.  Step:   Research  things to do in Alaska.  Since I am driving there I will also research things to do along the way.

How much money will I need to make this happen?  This is going to take a lot more research because I don't have unlimited funds.   I guess the first thing I need to do is research how much a Sprint RV is going to cost.  Shall I buy new or used?  How much is my budget going to be?

Other money questions to research and answer:

How much will gas cost?
How much will it take for food and toiletries?
How much will it cost for "things I want to do"?
How much will it cost to keep the household back home running?

I am sure there are many others and I will research and make a list along the way.  I will have to decide if I want to go the "economy version" or the "luxury version"?

How are you doing?   Is this making sense?   If you are at a stand still then do more research.  For me, however, I am not the kind of person that wants everything move planned to death.  I want the freedom to change my mind and do things on the "spur of the moment".

So that is my WISH, CAN, WILL, AM, AM.

Each one of my questions (steps to the plan) will take some more research in order to get it all together.  I guess I should have put in my question place "how long do I want it to take to do the research?"  :-)

Or I could "just wing it".   Just kidding.

Contact me.

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