Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mortgage Financing Made Easy--Contact Me Today!

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage
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I have found that most people feel that the most difficult part of getting a home is to get the financing.  While that may be true in some cases I have found that many people have been told that they couldn't get a mortgage when in fact they really can.
Pamela Madore Mortgage

How is this possible?  Let me take a minute to bore you and tell you how the process works.  

There are different kinds of loans.  The 3 most common types of loans that you will hear about are FHA, VA, and Conventional.  These 3 types of loans when put in the context of "vanilla" type loans all have certain strict guidelines that you must meet when you go to a "vanilla" bank.  When I say that, what I mean is that they will only take the cream of the crop.
Pamela Madore Mortgage

How many cream of the crop people are out there?  I have found that there are many, many more people that are NOT cream of the crop.  Most of us had have blemishes here and there.  We run into problems and get laid off and get behind, etc.  "Vanilla" banks can't help you.  These are the prominent banks in town.

So what is your alternative?  Rent?  For the rest of your life?

No.  Let me give you some alternatives.  I am a Mortgage Broker and what that means is that you tell me your situation and I search lenders all over the U.S. that will do your loan.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

  • Scores down to 580 easily
  • Scores down to 500 a little harder
  • For investors--not really any scores
  • Self-employed and show no income?  Just give me bank statements.
  • Mobile homes?  Can do most types.  Even single wides.
  • Want to fix and flip a house?  See me.
  • Only have an ITIN.  Let's talk. (I don't speak Spanish but have people that help me)
  • Had a foreclosure?  Bankruptcy?  I have "second chance" programs.
There are tons of other types of programs available.  Each scenario is different.

The way I like to work is if you don't qualify TODAY, I will give you a game plan, and stay in touch until we get you there.  I have been doing this since before most of you were born.  LOL  Let me help.

Pamela Madore Mortgage
You can email me, text me, call me, FB me or simply go to my website and give me your information.  Leave me some details in the comments section and I will call you back.

Added bonus.  I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty.  If you don't already have a Realtor I can help you find a house, too.

Don't be shy or embarrassed.  If there is a will, there is a way!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage
3955 S. Soncy
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Friday, May 4, 2018

Here Is A Desperate Cry For Help! ME!!

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Have you ever done something and thought oh (imagine the word) I can't believe I did that?  How stupid!  Well, I did it.

I am teaching an amazing class at Keller Williams Realty called Ignite.  It is mostly for new agents but new and old come.  It is a 4 week class meeting 3 times a week.  

Part of the homework for them is to increase the people in their address book by 200 in the 4 weeks.  

Well,  if you are like just about everyone else in the world, you will find reasons why that is too much to do in the amount of time we have.  Granted it is a lot.  However, if we are going to build our businesses we need our friends and family and networking contacts to help us.  Agreed?

So we are near the end and the goals are not where they should be. Actually we have one week left.  

So, me and my big mouth, I told them that I could get 200 new contacts in my address book in one week.  Can you believe I actually said that!!!?>??!!

So this is where you come in.  This is me on my knees ---actually most people respond to be a dog better---begging you to help.  


What I need is for you to go to my website at :


and register.  Please.  It only takes a minute.  In the comments section please tell me something about yourself.

Just as an aside:  I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty and a mortgage broker at Pamela Madore Mortgage.  I can help you with your financing and with your house.  One stop shop.  :-)  I sort of specialize in the difficult.  So in the comments, if you are interested in buying, selling, getting pre-qualified, or getting a real estate license, please let me know.

I soooooooooooooooooooooo  appreciate your help.  I have to show my students that it is possible to do. Besides, after I do it they all owe me a Starbucks card!



PS  If you have a business that you would like to add me into your address book let's reciprocate.  Help each other.  Deal?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage
3955 S. Soncy
Amarillo, TX 79118

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