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10 Steps To Financial Freedom As A Real Estate Agent

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty Amarillo

10 Steps To Financial Freedom As a Real Estate Agent

Are there really just 10 steps to Financial Freedom as a Real Estate Agent?  Yes and no.  I am going to give you the 10 basic steps and with each step you may want to add more to it as time goes on.

Remember this---Being a Real Estate Agent is simple but not easy.   In order to receive the Financial Freedom I am going to write about you have to treat this as a Business and not  JOB.  This is something that you are building from the ground up.

You will find as we go through this I will refer often and write in the perspective of a Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Realty because that is all I know.  You can, however, transfer the same skills to your current brokerage if they also have the tools.

So are you ready?  Financial Freedom in your future?  Let's begin with the 10 Steps To Financial Freedom as a Real Estate Agent.


We often call this your big WHY.  Essentially what that means is that you have to have a WHY to want to do this; to build Financial Freedom.

This can be confusing.  When I first heard that I needed a big WHY I thought that meant I needed to find a cure for cancer or single-handedly create World Peace.  With either of those two ends in mind, I had no idea what my WHY really was and how I could ever accomplish that by selling houses.

As I really began to dig down on this, though, I realized that the overarching WHY for mostly everyone is Financial Freedom.  With Financial Freedom you can do pretty much whatever you want.  Agreed?

I am a simple girl and for me that was still too big of an objective and too vague.  I needed to break that down even more.  Another obstacle I had, and probably some of you, too, is that I wanted it overnight.  I learned that isn't going to happen.

First I learned that this is the foundational step in Financial Freedom--developing your WHY.  Without that you really have no idea where you are going and how to get there.

Answer some of these questions for yourself.  Don't just scan them but after each question really think about it.  If you are real ambitious/serious you might even write the answers down.

1) Is your WHY  Financial Freedom or is it something else? (from here on substitute your "something else" when I say Financial Freedom)
2) Specifically what does  Financial Freedom mean to you?
3) When do you want to reach this goal?
4) Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?
5) Will you do what it takes to get there?

When we talk to/prequalify a buyer, there are 3 things that we consider.  They are:  1) Are they ready 2) Are they willing 3) Are they able.  From there we can determine how much time we need devote to each one.  If someone is Ready, Willing, and Able they have my full attention.

Apply those 3 things to yourself and determine where you are.  Are you Ready?  Because this is a journey that needs a beginning.  Are you Willing?  Starting a new business is hard work.  Are you willing to do what it takes.  Are you Able?  Do you need help and training to get there?  We all do on that one and Keller Williams understands that and has all of the tools for you to learn how to build your own business.

So let's drill it down a little more.

While we are building our way to Financial Freedom we still have to have a life.  We need time to spend with our friends and family. We still need food and clothes.  We still need vacations.

For myself, I had to set it up in little WHYs.   It started with simple things--like I wanted a new pair of boots.  That is a small picture.  A big picture was I wanted to be debt free.  I knew that was a key to Financial Freedom so I put that in front of my face everyday along with a picture of my boots.

Then comes decisions and planning.  I don't actually need new boots (women you understand this) but I really wanted them.  So because I believe I should have a Life Worth Living I decided on the boots still keeping Financial Freedom in front of my face.

Do this for yourself.  Plan one or two years out for wishes and wants.  If you do nothing but work you won't have a life.

Let me add one more very important aspect to this.  You HAVE to have a sense of urgency attached. Have you ever noticed/said--it is Friday already?  As my grandfather once wrote, our lives are like sand in an hourglass.  None of us knows how much sand is in ours.

Before you move to STEP 2 spend some time thinking about STEP 1.  I will say in all honestly, not everyone will read any further.


I have to admit that when I started teaching these steps Technology was way down the list.  Now I have moved this step up to #2.  Why?

According to statistics,  90% of homebuyers begin their search on the internet and a whopping 51% actually found the house they bought on the internet (National Association of Realtors -- NAR).  Along with these statistics,  30% of buyers found the house they bought with a Realtor and overall 87% of buyers used a Realtor when purchasing a home.

Just by reading those statistics from May 2018 NAR that should paint a very bright and colorful picture for you.  What?  You need to be found on the internet.

According to that same report,  63% of all Realtors are above the age of 54.  I bring that up only because those of us in that age range did not grow up with an internet, an I-Pad or a Smart Phone.  In essence that may mean that our learning curve is slightly higher than our millennial counterparts.

So plan on getting up to speed or hiring it done.

Where are some effective ways to be found on the internet?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Zillow
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Your Website/Websites
  • Too many more to name!

What are some things you can post in these places to be found?

Listings are probably the #1 answer.  If you have listings you can be sure that they will show up on . Trulia and Zillow automatically.  The rest of those listed will require some work and knowledge on your part.  It could be placing paid ads or Stories or just on timelines.

You can also post/publish information.  Buyers want to know the process of buying a house and sellers want to know the process of selling a house.  One of the easiest ways of posting information is doing exactly what I do and what you are reading.  Blogging.  

Think about how you found this article and think of ways you can replicate it.  If I can get my name out there so can you.

As I said at the onset, I am writing this with a Keller Williams Realty slant because that is what I know.  I have at my disposal my own personal search app,  pre-templated and written marketing material, and technology training.  I don't know if you have the same things available to you but if you do then learn how to use them and become a technology wizard and be the one that is FOUND on the internet--because that is where everyone is looking!!


What in the world does that mean?  Everyone reading this has heard scripts before.  Think about it.  When you check out at the grocery store "did you find everything you needed"?  At McDonald's "would you like fries with that"?  Or Tech Support--"is there anything that I can help you with"?  You can probably think of a dozen more.

It is not a coincidence that in every incidence all of the people say the same thing.  They are all trained to say this "script".  Customer service?   Increase sales? The purposes may differ but the technique is the same.

Real estate is no different.  One of the scariest thing a new agent has to deal with is "what to say".  If you are calling leads---buyers or sellers--you need to know what to say next.

You can google "scripts" or find some on you tube.  Keller Williams Really provides its agents hundreds of scripts so we never have the feeling that we don't know what to say next.

Of course, you can't predict every scenario but with a working knowledge of scripts your confidence level will increase dramatically.

We teach that you learn the scripts word for word even though they will sounds stilted and awkward.  The reason for that is so that you will internalize them.  Once you do that you can then "make them your own".  You can then add your personal touch and make them sound like you.

Remember this.  Even though you learn every script and try everything you know to do you are still going to get a buyer and/or a seller that says "no".  What should your attitude be?   How many times do you think the person in the drive through at McDonalds gets a "no" when asked if you want fries?  Do you think they take it personally?  Do you think they lose sleep because of all the "no's" they got?

Doubtful.  And neither should you.   Learn what to say, constantly moving toward self-mastery and you will get a win in your real estate business.


I also like to call this your "address book".  Nobody really wants to be in someone's database but most people like being in someone's address book.

Simply put, without people to talk to you aren't going to sell many houses.  Lead generating and your database go hand in hand because once you have someone to talk to you put them in your database as a contact.  The more contacts, the more people to talk to, which naturally leads to more appointments and sales.

Your CRM (customer relationship management) is your business.  If a dentist sells his business, what does he sell?  A few of those pokey things and an x-ray machine. But what is his most value asset?  His database.  His client list.  The same should be true for you, too.  Depending on what your business plan is will determine what you do with your database.

If your plan is to take the last sign off a listing and then be retired, you don't have to spend a lot of time with your database.  If your business plan is to create a valuable/salable asset, then you need to spend lots and lots of time (delegate if necessary) lead generating, building your database, and nurturing it.  Feed it and it will grow.  Don't give up on people.  Statistics show that people live in a house 5-7 years.  That means that you need to be nurturing these people 5-7 years.

I urge you to evaluate what you have and begin to create something of value.  Who knows?  Maybe you will want to sell it one day.


Following the steps in order, you now know WHY you want to have a real estate business.  You have a working knowledge of TECHNOLOGY which can be a platform to get your name into the community.  You now know SCRIPTS which gives you confidence in what to say.  And you know the importance of your DATABASE.  

Your next step is to get appointments with both sellers and buyers.  

Buyers and sellers both have a problem.  It is your job to solve the problem.  The very best way to do that is to gather, gather, gather information and dig deep to find out what the problem is and if you can solve it.   While you are doing this you are building a rapport that will help you carry through to the appointment.

There are many ways to get an appointment.  I have found that the most effective way is to simply ask for it.  There are many scripts to deal with any and all answers you may get.  Remember you aren't trying to manipulate someone into anything.   What you are doing is trying to help them solve their problem.  If you have done your homework, appointment making will be much easier.


This can mean two things.  It can be a signed listing agreement or a signed buyer's representation agreement.  I can only speak for Texas about the signed buyer's representation.  

In Texas if your buyer doesn't sign a buyer's representation agreement then technically you represent the seller.  That is pretty hard to do and can give you conflicting feelings.  By carefully explaining what that can mean to them, as a buyer, most will agree.  For those that won't, then your fudiciary is with the seller.

As you can clearly see, from the beginning of this blog that this is a step-by-step process of how to become Financially Free.  I am not implying that you have to become an expert on any step in order to proceed to the next one.  I am advocating, however, that you work toward self-mastery in each of the steps.  In will get you to the end goal faster and easier if you do.


Signed buyer's agreements and signed listing agreements aren't going to do you much good if you don't have contracts on them.  You need to find your buyers a property to buy and you need to find your sellers buyers for their houses!

There are a couple of things you have to get good at.  The first one is pre-qualifying your buyer and having your buyer pre-qualified.  That may sound like the same thing but it is not.  You need to pre-qualify your buyer to make sure that they are willing and ready to buy a house.  Your lender or mortgage broker then needs to pre-qualify them to see if they are able to buy a house.  When you have a ready, willing and able buyer you are closer to a contract.

The next thing you have to get good at with your buyers is finding the right house.  With 90% of buyers beginning their home search on the internet, you have to work toward self-mastery in the elimination process.  Help them find the perfect house then get a contract!

From a listing point of view, you need your marketing plan in place.  It is great to have another Realtor sell your listing but it is also pretty fun to sell it yourself.  Remember, if you aren't getting any showings then you aren't going to get any contracts.  You will need to re-evaluate price, staging, marketing, etc to see what needs to be changed.  Change it and then get your contract!


Negotiations can be fun, if you like to negotiate.  I find myself negotiating pretty much everywhere on everything.  In this regard I am speaking about money.  I'll get a 25 cent item for a dime at a yard sale.

If you think about it, though, you negotiate everything in your life.  You negotiate with your husband/wife on who is going to ________ (you fill in the blank).  You negotiate with your kids.  You can play on your I-Pad as soon as you clean up your room.

How about setting a time for a closing?  There are a lot of people involved and there has to be some give and take to get it set.

So in negotiating a contract to buy or sell a house, you will be helping your buyer/seller negotiate the contract.  Always remember that you are not an attorney so be careful what you say.  The ultimate decision is your buyers' or sellers'.  

Things that can be negotiated usually are money items--price, closing costs, surveys, home warranties, home repairs etc.  There are  other things that need to be negotiated, too, such as the closing date, who gets the refrigerator or the storage building in the back.

Just always remember this.  It has to be a WIN-WIN for everyone.  Sometimes it may not seem that way.  Always remember that it comes back to motivation.  Why is the buyer or selling willing to negotiate on that item.

Get good at asking questions.  We have a script for that.


Well, here you are.  Your hard work has paid off and you are off to your closing.  Different states/areas handle the way this is done in different ways.  Sometimes everyone is in the room.  Buyer, seller, escrow officer, both Realtors and perhaps the Mortgage Broker.  

Other times each side closes at separate times.  Buyer,  his/her Realtor, escrow officer and Mortgage Broker at one time and Seller, his/her Realtor,  and escrow officer at another time.  I personally prefer this way.  You never know what might have happened throughout the transaction which would cause you to believe it would be better to keep buyer and seller separated.

My biggest and most important advice to you is to SHUT UP.  Let the escrow officer do their job.  If buyer/seller has questions, don't jump in unless the escrow officer asks you to.  You've made it this far, don't say or do anything to blow it.  Just shut up.  

Once everything is signed, now you can congratulate them and set the next expectation.  Here are the keys.  Or, in the case of a seller, where are the keys?  That sort of small talk thing.  Then promptly go back to your office (or in the case of Keller Williams Realty new mobile app) go to their profile and add in the information about the closing.  Date. Details to remember to use as part of your ongoing nurture.  


Walking away from the closing table with a paycheck is a great feeling.  You are financially being rewarded for doing your job; for putting into play all of the things that you have learned.

You are one step closer to Financial Freedom.  However, unless you plan on stockpiling all of your paychecks, you aren't really going to reach that peak/goal.  

Taking that money and making it work for you is what will lead you to Financial Freedom.

Watch for an upcoming blog about 5 ways to make your money work for you in Real Estate to achieve Financial Freedom!   

Good luck and please post a comment below.  I always like to know if I am writing about something worthwhile and something that is important to a segment of my audience.  

Following me will guarantee you get all upcoming info blogs!

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Upgrade Your Technology Real Estate Search App--Pamela Madore

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Amarillo

New Keller Williams Realty Technology Is On  Its Way To You

There are a thousand new technology happenings behind the scenes in our massive technology department.  All of these things are designed for you--the consumer to make your real estate transaction transparent and open. 

Did you know that some Multiple Listing Services are blocking information and listings to companies that aren't Real Estate Companies.  For instance, Zillow.  They no longer have all of the up-to-date and accurate information that we do.

On my app---Pamela Madore---you will find ALL of the listings all over the United States.  Moving to Tennessee?  Use my app for accurate information and then contact me for help.

With my app, Keller Williams is constantly updating and upgrading my app so that the information you will be receiving will be much more thorough and expanding all the time.   Already you can apply for a mortgage from Keller Mortgage directly from my app.  Keller Mortgage, by the way, charges no origination or closing costs and gives you $1000 toward your other closing costs (search on the link for Keller Mortgage for details).

As Keller Williams Realty takes the lead in Real Estate based Technology, you the consumer will benefit the most.  You will automatically get updates to the app that will eventually allow you to participate in your entire transaction with unlimited transparency.  

Download today and contact me with likes and dislikes.  Our Technology Department wants and needs your feedback so that we can fix what is broken and improve on what isn't.

The world of Real Estate Technology is upon us.  Be one of the first on the ground floor!

Download here!

Questions?   Contact me.

Pamela Madore
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Looking For Houses Can Be The Same As Looking For A Black Skirt

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

I can remember once a wanted a black skirt to wear to a special occasion.  I couldn't really describe it but I would know it when I saw it!

Looking for houses can be the same way.

However, in the case of my skirt, I knew I didn't want any other color than black---so I could eliminate every other color.  I knew it was a special occasion so I had to cross off that really cute black jean skirt.  I knew it had to fit.  No sense buying a skirt that I couldn't squeeze into or a skirt that was so big I didn't know what to do with it all.

And it had to be in my budget.  I had a certain amount to spend and that was it.  So maybe I couldn't look in the name brand stores.   But I knew I needed that skirt.

When you are looking for that house, the one,  sometimes it is easier to start by eliminating.  
For instance, if you don't need 4 bedrooms so why bother to look.  Or maybe you need a certain school district so eliminate everything that isn't in that school district.

Is it in your budget?   You will need a professional to help you with that?  Based on how much of a payment you can qualify for, that will determine what perimeters you will have to stay in.

What others things do you want or don't want?

  • Big Back Yard
  • Little Back Yard
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Fireplace
  • HVAC
  • Cul-De-Sac
  • Stack Bedrooms
  • Split floor plan
  • Brick house
  • Attached garage
  • Detached garage
And the list goes on and on.   

When I try to help people walk through the process of what is really important to them I start with the BIG 5.

What are the 5 things that are deal breakers for you?  Write them down.  Then analyze them and put them in order.  The number #1 thing you must have might be 3 bedrooms.  If you can't get 3 bedrooms it is a deal breaker.  And go through your list to refine your most important things.

Use that approach and the elimination approach at the same time.  This is save you hours or time, gas and aggravation.  

Sometimes I hear people say when they look at the pictures online---I can't really tell so let's go look at it anyway.  Ninety-nine times out of 100 it is a waste of time.

Listen to your Realtor.  We have the experience to look at the listing/pictures and determine whether or not----based on what you have told me---whether or not you will like the house.

I know if this is your first house and you are excited, every house you look at online is like candy in a candy store and you want to see them all.  But remember my skirt story. Cross off the ones that you KNOW won't work and we can talk about the rest to determine if we should go see it.

The importance of getting pre-qualified is major.  Whether you have me do it or someone else, that is step 1 in this whole process (right after you pick me as your Realtor :)). 

Let's meet and put it all together for you and get you into that new house!  If you don't think you are quite ready, let's still meet and put together a plan.

Just so you know I have a partner that speak Spanish so don't be afraid to respond!

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage
Pamela Madore
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How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

At Keller Williams Realty we believe that Technology is the key to capturing the vast amount of buyers and sellers in the market.   And we have turned the way we do business to make sure that happens!

At the moment, we have many things in the "Labs" stage.  That is, they are working and learning and growing.  One of our most innovative current "Labs" item is Kelle.

Kelle is our own AI (artificial intelligence).  It is on its way to becoming one of our most successful tools for our clients.  By simply saying "snap" and then add a neighborhood, Kelle with show all of the statistics for the area.  (Email me and I will "snap" your neighborhood for you).  

We have an upcoming Command Center that will be the hub of all of our current pieces of technology and marketing.  One log-in will take us to any piece of information that buyers and sellers need almost instantly. They will have  access to the most current interactive information available. 

We have partnered with Google, Smarter Agent, Canva, Next-door, and HomeKeepr to name a few.  Every piece of technology we add will make it easier for us to transact business,  keep clients up-to-date on everything real estate and give us more time to spend will clients and not worry about paperwork!

Keller Williams has committed to go to the top of the field in technology.  We are already the #1 training company in the world for our agents.  Now we are about to become the #1 technology company in real estate.

Interested in joining KW?   There has never been a better time.  With our technology you can build your business with the confidence and full-support of a company that isn't going anywhere but up!

Contact me!

Pamela Madore
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Is Owner Financing The Way to Go?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage. #289635

Is Owner Financing The Way To Go?

When I hear someone say they want owner financing, I always ask myself the question---Why?

Pamela Madore Mortgage

The obvious answer is that they don't think that they can qualify for a mortgage.

Let me tell you a little bit about owner financing and how it works.  

First, you have to find a seller that is willing to owner finance.  As time goes on it is harder and harder to find these properties because of current laws.  

 You also must be very careful to know the difference between "owner financing" and "rent to own".  

Pamela Madore Mortgage
They are two totally different things.  On an owner financing you give the owner a down payment, you get the deed at closing and you own the property subject to making your mortgage payments to the owner.  The only way you lose the property is if you stop making payments and then the owner must foreclosure on you.

On a rent to own, you typically give the owner a down payment but you don't get the deed at closing. The owner has it set up so that you don't actually own the property until you pay it off.  Therefore, you are actually nothing more than a tenant subject to eviction and loss of all money paid to the owner.
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Which sounds better?  The owner financing, of course.

But what about a third option.  I go back to the original question---why.  Why do you need owner financing?

The most common answer I get is "credit".  Credit is something that can be fixed.  I help people do it all the time.  Sometimes even people think they have bad credit when really they don't.  You really won't know what you need for credit until you talk to a mortgage professional, like myself, and get the real answer about what a lender with accept.  

What is you are self-employed and don't show any income?  I have a program for that.

Don't have papers?  I can work with an ITIN.
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Owner financing can be appealing if you think you can't qualify for a mortgage.  However, if you are only looking for owner financing houses you will have few choices.

Give me a call or text or email today and let's talk about your options because you make a decision!

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty, Realtor
Pamela Madore Mortgage, #289635
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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

When I Say Complicated, I Mean Complicated--Mortgage, This Is

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Complicated Mortgage?  That might be you.  Please be nice to your Mortgage Broker.

I am doing a mortgage right now that the buyers could pay cash for about 6 of the price house we are buying.  But the interest rates are low so they decided to get a mortgage instead.  Sounds easy, right?  Wrong.

These people have about 9 sets of tax returns for multiple business and rental properties and bank statements from an equal amount of accounts.  Are you beginning to get the picture?  

Everything has to match up.  Payments out must match something.  Income must come from somewhere.  The better accountant you have the harder it is to match anything to anything!

Government loans have guidelines.  Some are stricter than others.  When their guidelines are a book too heavy for one person to carry, you can anticipate having to provide reams of paperwork and explanations.  

So......when I ask you for the stupidest most personal and private thing---don't shoot the messenger.  Remember that book that is too heavy to carry?  Those stupid, personal, and private things are in there.

Pamela Madore Mortgage
I recall the days 10 or so years ago when if you could fog a mirror you could get a mortgage.  Then we went to the exact opposite other extreme and you had to know how to build a mirror to get a mortgage.

Currently, we are somewhere in the middle.  There are lots of new mortgages available for those that can't provide reams of paperwork or don't fit the "mold" in other ways.  You have to usually pay a premium in a slightly higher interest rate or more down.  The paperwork is usually lighter, though.

Pamela Madore Mortgage
Getting back to the subject matter at hand, when you apply for a government backed loan you can expect to be taking papers out of storage to provide.  The more pieces to the puzzle, the more complicated.

My suggestion?  Please tell me everything you can think of that could even remotely be a problem or just misunderstood at the very beginning.  It shortens our time in process and sets the expectations.

I try to anticipate what an underwriter is going to ask for but I will admit that I have not read the Heavy Book so I can't always anticipate.

All I ask is that you have patience and DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!!
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Call or text today for a pre-qualification.   806-290-1920

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty, Realtor
Pamela Madore Mortgage, Mortgage Broker
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Pamela Madore Mortgage

Monday, August 6, 2018

Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas

Many people think that an FHA loan is for low income people.  NOT TRUE.   FHA does not discriminate in income limits.   You can be a a quazillionaire and still get an FHA loan.

It is not only for first-time homebuyers either.  You can own other properties, too.  It does require that it be your primary residence, however.

Here are some pretty great things about FHA loans:

  • Maximum loan amounts allow you to buy in some of the more expensive neighborhoods
  • Low down payment.....3.5% of the purchase price
  • Seller can help with up to 6% of closing costs
  • Easier to qualify for based on income/credit
  • Comparable rates to conventional loans
  • No pre-payment penalty or balloon

If you are looking for a loan for your new home and have limited cash, this is for you.

Easy pre-qualificaiton to see if you are ready.  Credit scores down to 580 and debt-to-income as high as 56%.

Call, text or emails for more information and qualification.   If you have a Realtor you are working with that is great!  If you don't have one, I am a Realtor and can help you with that too.

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage
Keller Williams Realty
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#289635.  #573760

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Don't Miss Home Buyer Seminar! Bi-Lingual. Keller Williams Realty Amarillo

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
3955 S. Soncy
Amarillo, TX 79119

Bi-Lingual Home Buyer Seminar

Come and find out how to get qualified for a mortgage, find a house, get insurance, and find out about home warranties!

This is a one-stop time to get information and make appointments for more specific information just for you!

Plan on coming 7/26/2018 from 6PM to 7:30.  Lots of information and fun.  Door prizes!

Please RSVP so we will have enough materials!  Look forward to seeing you there!

Hosted by Pamela Madore, Mortgage Broker
                  Veronica Leiva,  Real Estate Agent
                 Lisa Link, Insurance Agent

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Help Me With My Mortgage! It Is A Tough One!!

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Help Me With My Mortgage!  It Is A Tough One!!

Not everyone can walk into a bank and get a mortgage to buy a house.  Not everyone fits the "perfect" mold.  As a matter of fact, I would say the MOST people don't fit that mold.

One great thing about being a Mortgage Broker is that I have the availability of dozens of mortgage programs that will fit just about everyone's needs.  Where as Bank has typically less than 10 and they mostly have the same or similar guideline, I have the advantage of being able to see your situation and then go find a lender that will do it!

The days of "I've banked there all my life" are over.  Banks sell all (a few exceptions) of there loans into the secondary market and the secondary market will only buy loans that meet their guidelines.  It becomes the trickle down affect.  

I have the ability to do all of those types of mortgages as well.  And I do.  Specializing in personalized service---because it is just me!  But in addition, I have mortgages that don't fit the secondary guideline market and I can still do them.

Are you self-employed and turned down?   Do you have an ITIN?  Have you been on your job a short time?   Do you have low credit scores?  Have you had a foreclosure?  A bankruptcy? Don't have much money?

There are mortgage programs that fit many of those things.  They all have guidelines, too, but much easier to fulfill.

So don't be afraid!  If you have been turned down don't take it personally and just assume that the bank didn't have a program to match to you.  Maybe I do.

Call me for a free pre-qualification.  I don't have a website for you to "apply" on.  I am a little old school and want to get to know you.d

I am waiting to hear from you................................

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Pamela Madore Mortgage
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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent: Your Big Why

Pamela Madore
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Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

Admittedly, there are many aspects to becoming a successful real estate agent.  I have found that taking the steps one at a time will move you along much faster,

Step One:   Your Big Why (Or Want)   

I have found that if you don't want it bad enough you won't get it.   If you jump out of bed every morning and dash off, to work on the plan to get you what you want, you have found your big WHY.  If you drag out of bed with no plan but your first cup of coffee then maybe you need to spend some time thinking. 
No Room For Cry Babies

A plan with clarity of mind and extreme focus can get you where you want to be. 

What if you don't know where you want to be?  Or what you want to do?  Your dream is nebulous with no defined outline?  You have so many things going on in your life the only thing you can think of is getting through the day. 

This can only mean there is time for a change in your thought process.  Thinking can be hard work.  It takes time and energy.  There is a saying that goes something like this "a problem defined is nearly solved".  Define your problem.

Let me give you an example.  I'll use a simple example.  You ask a little boy (could be a girl) "what do you want to be when you grow up?".   He says a successful real estate agent.  Then you ask, "what do you have to do to become a successful real estate agent?".  At this point, \the boy/girl has an opportunity to choose whether or not he really wants to become a successful real estate agent.  He may shrug with and "

I don't know look" and move on OR he might say that he will need to read and talk to successful real estate agents to find out what you have to do and who you have to become.

He then can take all of the information and create a step by step plan on how to become a successful real estate agent.  IF he follows the plan he WILL become a successful real estate agent.   He discovered his big WHY and more importantly he created a plan to get there.

Now you try it.  If you are looking at this page with a blank stare then we have some work to do.  LOL

To become a successful real estate agent you first have to define for yourself what is "a successful real estate agent".  A little thinking and dreaming can go a long way at this point.  For one person it might mean selling 2 houses a month.  For someone else it might mean become a multi-millionaire and retiring in 5 years.  Not everyone has the same definition.  Yours is yours.

I know what you are thinking.  Gee, I want to be a multi-millionaire and retire in 5 years but I could never do that.  You have a limiting belief.  The real answer is that anyone can do it.  The truth, however, is how big is your WHY?  How bad do you want it?

I don't know if you ever had to do this in school before but I can remember having to do "outlines".  I hated them.  I hated them because I couldn't see how to get from here to where I was going. 

An outline is a plan.  It is a plan to get from where you are today to where you want to go.  Plans have steps.  All you have to do is find out what the steps are and build them into your plan and then follow them.  It is really pretty simple IF you follow your plan.  You will need help doing this.  Read Ask questions.  Follow successful people around.

Now going back to the undefined plan of the boy/girl that wants to become a successful real estate agent.  This is the point that will determine if your WHY is big enough.  Are you willing to do the research, talk to the right people, put a plan together and then follow it?

Going back to selling 2 houses a month or becoming a multi-millionaire; only you can decide which is what you want.  Selling 2 houses a month might be a smaller plan but it is a plan nonetheless.  It is something you have to put together and then follow it. 

A common thing to happen is that you lose track of where you are in your plan.  You are so busy trying to implement the plan you don't keep some sort of a scorecard to measure whether or not you are still on the plan.  A scorecard can be measured in $$$ earned or in houses sold or tied to time or whatever you want it to be.  You must have a scorecard to keep track.

So.  Is your WHY big enough to write it down, create a plan and then follow it?  Are you jumping out of bed every morning to move to the next point of implementation?  If your WHY isn't big enough you will only be thinking about that next cup of coffee.

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Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
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