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Looking For Houses Can Be The Same As Looking For A Black Skirt

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

I can remember once a wanted a black skirt to wear to a special occasion.  I couldn't really describe it but I would know it when I saw it!

Looking for houses can be the same way.

However, in the case of my skirt, I knew I didn't want any other color than black---so I could eliminate every other color.  I knew it was a special occasion so I had to cross off that really cute black jean skirt.  I knew it had to fit.  No sense buying a skirt that I couldn't squeeze into or a skirt that was so big I didn't know what to do with it all.

And it had to be in my budget.  I had a certain amount to spend and that was it.  So maybe I couldn't look in the name brand stores.   But I knew I needed that skirt.

When you are looking for that house, the one, sometimes it is easier to start by eliminating.  
For instance, if you don't need 4 bedrooms so why bother to look.  Or maybe you need a certain school district …

How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

At Keller Williams Realty we believe that Technology is the key to capturing the vast amount of buyers and sellers in the market.   And we have turned the way we do business to make sure that happens!

At the moment, we have many things in the "Labs" stage.  That is, they are working and learning and growing.  One of our most innovative current "Labs" item is Kelle.

Kelle is our own AI (artificial intelligence).  It is on its way to becoming one of our most successful tools for our clients.  By simply saying "snap" and then add a neighborhood, Kelle with show all of the statistics for the area.  (Email me and I will "snap" your neighborhood for you).  

We have an upcoming Command Center that will be the hub of all of our current pieces of technology and marketing.  One log-in will take us to any piece of information that b…

Is Owner Financing The Way to Go?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage. #289635

Is Owner Financing The Way To Go?

When I hear someone say they want owner financing, I always ask myself the question---Why?

The obvious answer is that they don't think that they can qualify for a mortgage.

Let me tell you a little bit about owner financing and how it works.  

First, you have to find a seller that is willing to owner finance.  As time goes on it is harder and harder to find these properties because of current laws.  

You also must be very careful to know the difference between "owner financing" and "rent to own".  

They are two totally different things.  On an owner financing you give the owner a down payment, you get the deed at closing and you own the property subject to making your mortgage payments to the owner.  The only way you lose the property is if you stop making payments and then the owner must foreclosure on you.

On a rent to own, you typically give the owner a d…

When I Say Complicated, I Mean Complicated--Mortgage, This Is

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty Pamela Madore Mortgage #289635
Complicated Mortgage?  That might be you.  Please be nice to your Mortgage Broker.
I am doing a mortgage right now that the buyers could pay cash for about 6 of the price house we are buying.  But the interest rates are low so they decided to get a mortgage instead.  Sounds easy, right?  Wrong.
These people have about 9 sets of tax returns for multiple business and rental properties and bank statements from an equal amount of accounts.  Are you beginning to get the picture?  
Everything has to match up.  Payments out must match something.  Income must come from somewhere.  The better accountant you have the harder it is to match anything to anything!
Government loans have guidelines.  Some are stricter than others.  When their guidelines are a book too heavy for one person to carry, you can anticipate having to provide reams of paperwork and explanations.  
So......when I ask you for the stupidest most personal and private thi…

Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas

Many people think that an FHA loan is for low income people.  NOT TRUE.   FHA does not discriminate in income limits.   You can be a a quazillionaire and still get an FHA loan.

It is not only for first-time homebuyers either.  You can own other properties, too.  It does require that it be your primary residence, however.

Here are some pretty great things about FHA loans:

Maximum loan amounts allow you to buy in some of the more expensive neighborhoodsLow down payment.....3.5% of the purchase priceSeller can help with up to 6% of closing costsEasier to qualify for based on income/creditComparable rates to conventional loansNo pre-payment penalty or balloon
If you are looking for a loan for your new home and have limited cash, this is for you.
Easy pre-qualificaiton to see if you are ready.  Credit scores down to 580 and debt-to-income as high as 56%.
Call, text or emails for mor…

Don't Miss Home Buyer Seminar! Bi-Lingual. Keller Williams Realty Amarillo

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
3955 S. Soncy
Amarillo, TX 79119

Bi-Lingual Home Buyer Seminar

Come and find out how to get qualified for a mortgage, find a house, get insurance, and find out about home warranties!

This is a one-stop time to get information and make appointments for more specific information just for you!

Plan on coming 7/26/2018 from 6PM to 7:30.  Lots of information and fun.  Door prizes!

Please RSVP so we will have enough materials!  Look forward to seeing you there!

Hosted by Pamela Madore, Mortgage Broker                   Veronica Leiva,  Real Estate Agent                  Lisa Link, Insurance Agent

Help Me With My Mortgage! It Is A Tough One!!

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Help Me With My Mortgage!  It Is A Tough One!!

Not everyone can walk into a bank and get a mortgage to buy a house.  Not everyone fits the "perfect" mold.  As a matter of fact, I would say the MOST people don't fit that mold.

One great thing about being a Mortgage Broker is that I have the availability of dozens of mortgage programs that will fit just about everyone's needs.  Where as Bank has typically less than 10 and they mostly have the same or similar guideline, I have the advantage of being able to see your situation and then go find a lender that will do it!

The days of "I've banked there all my life" are over.  Banks sell all (a few exceptions) of there loans into the secondary market and the secondary market will only buy loans that meet their guidelines.  It becomes the trickle down affect.  

I have the ability to do all of those types of mortgages as well.  And I do.  Specializing in personalized ser…

Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent: Your Big Why

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams  Realty

Step One To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

Admittedly, there are many aspects to becoming a successful real estate agent.  I have found that taking the steps one at a time will move you along much faster,

Step One:   Your Big Why (Or Want)   

I have found that if you don't want it bad enough you won't get it.   If you jump out of bed every morning and dash off, to work on the plan to get you what you want, you have found your big WHY.  If you drag out of bed with no plan but your first cup of coffee then maybe you need to spend some time thinking. 

A plan with clarity of mind and extreme focus can get you where you want to be. 

What if you don't know where you want to be?  Or what you want to do?  Your dream is nebulous with no defined outline?  You have so many things going on in your life the only thing you can think of is getting through the day. 

This can only mean there is time for a change in y…

How To Figure Out Your Plan For Your LIfe: Your Big Why

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

How To Figure Out Your Plan For Your Life:  Your Big Why

Oh my gosh.  There is so much talk about this whole WHY thing and, for me, I had no idea how to figure out what my why was. I had no idea to even know where to start figuring it out!!!  Help.  Are you there?  Are you where I was?

Let me see if I can help.

I am going to use myself as an example because they always say to "use what you know".  Of course, in this case it may not apply since I still don't know exactly how this whole thing works.

Somehow after reading books I determined it started with goals.  That only served to confuse me more .  What is a goal?  In football it is a couple of posts standing up that people kick a football through.   I'm pretty sure that isn't what was meant in this situation.

According to google a goal is: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Hmmmmm.  What am I trying to accomp…

Mortgage Financing Made Easy--Contact Me Today!

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage
NMLS #289635

I have found that most people feel that the most difficult part of getting a home is to get the financing.  While that may be true in some cases I have found that many people have been told that they couldn't get a mortgage when in fact they really can.

How is this possible?  Let me take a minute to bore you and tell you how the process works.  

There are different kinds of loans.  The 3 most common types of loans that you will hear about are FHA, VA, and Conventional.  These 3 types of loans when put in the context of "vanilla" type loans all have certain strict guidelines that you must meet when you go to a "vanilla" bank.  When I say that, what I mean is that they will only take the cream of the crop.

How many cream of the crop people are out there?  I have found that there are many, many more people that are NOT cream of the crop.  Most of us had have blemishes here and there.  We run into problems and get laid of…