Thursday, December 28, 2017

What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Do?

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What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Do?

It might surprise you to know what successful real estate agents actually do.  Like any other position you apply for, you don't really know what it consists of until you do it.

 Let me start with this.  "What Successful Real Estate Agents DON'T Do?"

  • They DON'T work 24/7
  • They DON'T work 4 hours a day
  • They DON'T wait for the phone to ring
  • They DON'T expect success to fall in their laps
  • They DON'T whine, complain, or find reasons why they aren't successful
How's that?   Now let me tell you what Successful Real Estate Agents DO do.

  • They DO set their own schedule
  • They DO know they have to put in the time to be successful
  • They DO make the phone ring
  • They DO expect to go after success
  • They DO have a great attitude 
A successful real estate agent takes what they do seriously.  They are constantly learning and making themselves better.  They are constantly working on their mindset.  They have a plan and they follow it.

Is this a job description?  Actually it is. You do need a license but the paperwork, showing houses, meeting buyers or adding to your database are all skills that you can either learn or are skills that you already have and just need to transfer to your new position.

Is being a real estate agent fun?  It can be.  Can it be stressfull?  Sure.  It is worth the effort?  For me, it surely is. 
Only you can decide if it is for you.

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