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How To Get A Real Estate License In Texas

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How To Get A Real Estate License In Texas

Since each state may be a little different I am only going to talk to you about how to get a real estate license in Texas.

The State of Texas requires that you take the following classes:

Pamela Madore Talks About Getting A Real Estate License

  • Principles of Real Estate I
  • Principles of Real Estate II
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Law of Promulgated Contracts
  • Real Estate Finance
Most schools also include a 7th class which is an Exam Prep Class.

Each of the classes are 30 clock hours for a total of 180 hours.  All of the classes are done online and are proctored.  They are interactive classes with audio, video and reading.  There is a course exam at the end of each class.

Once you have finished the classes you will go to the Texas Real Estate Commission website and put in an application to take the state and national tests which are given at the same time. At that time you will also provide your fingerprints.  The testing site and places to get fingerprints are both in Amarillo.

Once you have passed both the national and state exams it is only a matter of Keller Williams Realty sending a form to the State saying that you are affiliated with us as your Broker.

In a nutshell, that is how you get a license.  

At Keller Williams Realty in Amarillo we are able to get you a discount at the Austin School of Real Estate with our code.  It will save you about 50% of the usual cost.  Also, at this school all Veterans receive their classes for free.

Please contact me for more information and how you can get started using our code.

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