Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sellers Ready To Sell Your House--Please Read. Buyers Please Don't Read

Pamela Madore
Keller Wiliams Realty

Sellers Ready To Sell Your House--Please Read.  No Buyers To Read Please

This is a secret communication for seller's only.  If you are a buyer please stop here.

Selling Secrets and Buying Signs

Sellers, this is a great time to take advantage of selling your house.  This time of year you can decorate it for the Holidays
and attract buyers like never before. This can apply to any season if you use your imagination.

Six senses:
  • Hear
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • See
  • Taste
If you want to make the biggest impact on buyers the you must "subtly" touch on all senses.  Remember, too, that buyers may be in a hurry so these all need to happen fast.  First impressions.

Sound--Soft (very soft) soothing music.  That excludes blaring TV's, dogs barking and dishwashers running.  What you want to accomplish is an immediate relaxtion.  The longer a buyer stays in your house the better.

Touch--We all have a tendency to touch things as we walk by them.  A satin blanket draped over a chair you walk by.  A squeaky clean kitchen countertop.   Everything must be pleasant to the touch.  This would exclude sticky light switches,  soap scummed shower curtains, and  cactuses.  (I made that one up).  The point is that we as a people are tempted to touch.  Make sure that your buyer has pleasant things to touch.

Smell--Many people light candles (dangerous), have plug-ins, potpourri, or a Scentsy type apparatus.  First let me say that we aren't in the business or causing me to have to plug their nose or have an allergy attack.  You also don't want smells that argue with each other.  Don't make ever room smell different.  As a matter of fact, a sutble pleasant scent when your buyer walks in the door is enough.  That fragrance registers in their brain and stays throughout the experience.

See--What your buyer sees is the most important thing.  If all of the lights are off and the blinds are drawn so that you need a flashlight to see the house, that is not making a very good impression.  Remember this needs to be a pleasant experience.  That would exclude overflowing garage, dirty windows and your family tree going back 3 generations hanging in the hall to the bedrooms.  We don't want them looking at pictures.  We want them looking at your house.     

Taste--This may seem like an odd thing to add to our list but it really isn't.  A bowl of candy, a
baskey of apples or a few homemade cookies with a neatly written note inviting your buyer to partake will set you apart from seller B.  

In my experience, the most apparent buying sign is if your buyer feels comfortable enough to sit on the living room sofa and discuss/think about your house.  Without blatantly putting a sign on the sofa saying "please sit" it will be your job to find other ways  to make that happen.  If your buyer has had a pleasant experience on all the above listed things they are more apt to want to stay longer.  I will say as an aside that sometimes I sit down first just to see if they follow suit.

As a Realtor there are many things that I can do to help get your house sold.  However, it has to be a partnership.  You have to be willing to go one step beyond where you may normally go to see that your buyer warms
up quickly and wants to stay!

Contact me and let me come by help you get your senses ready!

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
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