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Sellers Ready To Sell Your House--Please Read. Buyers Please Don't Read

Pamela Madore
Keller Wiliams Realty

Sellers Ready To Sell Your House--Please Read.  No Buyers To Read Please

This is a secret communication for seller's only.  If you are a buyer please stop here.

Selling Secrets and Buying Signs

Sellers, this is a great time to take advantage of selling your house.  This time of year you can decorate it for the Holidays
and attract buyers like never before. This can apply to any season if you use your imagination.

Six senses:
HearTouchSmellSeeTaste If you want to make the biggest impact on buyers the you must "subtly" touch on all senses.  Remember, too, that buyers may be in a hurry so these all need to happen fast.  First impressions.
Sound--Soft (very soft) soothing music.  That excludes blaring TV's, dogs barking and dishwashers running.  What you want to accomplish is an immediate relaxtion.  The longer a buyer stays in your house the better.
Touch--We all have a tendency to touch things as we …

What Do I Need To Do To Buy A House?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

Buying a house is a big decision.  There are many things to think about.  Is it the right time?  Can I/we afford a house?   How much money to we need?  Can I find the right house for my family?

These are all questions that go through our heads.  These questions can bounce around in your head and you can act on them or just let them bounce.  So STEP NUMBER 1.....

DECIDE   You have to decide whether or not you really want to buy a house.  There are great joys in owning your own home.  You can decorate how you want.  Your back yard can be full of things that you want.  Once you DECIDE that you want to buy a house probably the first thing you will do is start to notice houses that you are interested in.  When that starts happening STEP NUMBER 2......

DOWNLOAD MY SEARCH APP  My search app has real time information on houses that you may be interested in.  You can search by address, price, number of bedrooms and a myriad of other …

Start Your Retirement Plan Today With Profit Share

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

Start Your Retirement Plan Today With Profit Share

It doesn't matter how old you are.  This opportunity is available for every agent and staff at Keller WiIlliams Realty worldwide.  It is passive income.  Free money on the 21st day of every month.

A few years ago I realized that I did not have a retirement plan and that I was not going to be happy with what I was going to receive on social security.  I had been an agent at Keller Williams Realty for 7 or so years and had never taken advantage of their incredible profit share plan.

Robert Kyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about how rich are you?  If you stopped earning income today and had to live on your savings, 401K or CD's how long before you would be homeless.  That is how rich you are.

The only way to be really "rich" is to have an income that is ongoing.  Social security is like that.  But is it enough?

My husband and I have/had rental properties.  That…