Monday, June 19, 2017

The Day The Inspector Gave My Buyers A Heart Attack

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

The Day The Inspector Gave My Buyers A Heart Attack

Let me rephrase this by saying that just like anything else in the world there
are good, bad and degrees in between.  I am not in any way lumping all inspectors into a group.  I am only going to tell you about my experience.

Well, first, my buyers didn't really have a heart attack.  I was exaggerating there.  They did, however, opt out of the contract based on what the inspector told them.

We somehow got an overzealous inspector.  As Realtors, and other inspectors, we know that inspectors are licensed to do inspections.  They are not licensed roofers, electricians or plumbers.  (Unless they just happen to be one outside of the realm of inspectorhood.)

Unfortunately, not all buyers are aware of that!  

I recently wrote a blog entitled The Five Thousand Dollar Toilet.  I received an email from a man in Houston that had been an insurance adjuster for many years and and was now studying to become a house inspector.  He wanted my advice.  This is what he asked:

If I were to come into your office (obviously I won't as I live in Houston, but just as a hypothetical), what could I offer you and your agents that would entice you to give me a try?
I have inspected thousands of homes and businesses as an insurance adjuster, so that's not particularly the area I'm concerned with, but rather, what would make you want to "try me" as a potential "go to - home inspector"?
Thank you,

This is how I answered:

I think that my best advice would be, be thorough, remember that you aren't a licensed roofer, electrician, etc. and don't scare the people to death.  
I just had a first time homebuyer that the inspector scared to death.  The seller agreed to fix every single item on the report and she still wouldn't buy it.

I actually had an inspector one time tell a client that they should not buy the house because it had way too many problems.

You have a lot of power.  Play fair and you will remain on the  "recommended" Realtor list.  Don't play fair and take up another line 
of work!

Good luck and let me know how you do!

The first time homebuyer I referred to in my remark to him was the buyer that I facetiously said had a heart attack.  And it is true that the seller agreed to fix every single item on the report but the inspector had scared her so much that she wouldn't buy the house if the seller had dropped the price $10,000.

As a Realtor it is my job to counsel my buyers in reminding them that inspectors are simply that.  Inspectors.  If there is a problem beyond their expertise that you want checked out then we will hire a licensed professional.

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