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I Want To Buy A House. Where Do I Start?

I Want To Buy A House.   Where Do I Start?
Do you remember when you were in kindergarten?  For some of us maybe we don't.  It was too long ago.
But here you are.  Your first day of school ever.  So you have your mom or dad drop you off.  You go in to the building and you get the deer in the headlights look and it occurs to you "where do I start"?
It is about the same buying your first house.  Where do I start?
When you were in kindergarten standing there looking stupid, someone, probably your teacher, took you by the hand and led you to your classroom.  From there it was some sailing.  Your teacher helped you learn what you needed to learn to pass to first grade and then eventually become the genius of the universe.  That might be an exaggeration.
So now you have one more dilemma.  Where is your mom or dad going to drop you off?
Most people start looking for a house by going to open houses or looking at houses online.  That is a pretty good way to see what is available for …

Have You Ever Bought A House Sight Unseen? Yikes!

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

I have.  Twice as a matter of fact.  The one I live in and the one I should have burnt down.   

I bring this up today because I just sold some folks a house and we are closing in a week.  They have never seen the house.  Today I show it to them.  What if they don't like it!

With today's technology more and more people are previewing and maybe even buying houses without even a walk through.  In the case of my clients above, we did a Face Time walk through of every nook and cranny of the house.  They asked questions and I tried to do the best  I could to answer them.  

When we bought our house almost ten years ago technology wasn't as good.  We relied on static pictures that the agent had posted online in the listing and a walk through phone description from our daughter and son-in-law.  If we had been here we would have chosen this house?  I don't know.  It was the only one we ever looked at.  And here we are 10 years later st…

4238 SW 15th in Amarillo Has Been Rebuilt From Studs In

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

You know how you want to buy a new house and can't find one in your price range?  The only houses available are the old houses.

Well in this case that is OK!  The owner of this house rebuilt it from studs in.  New electric, new plumbing in the house, insulation, sheetrock, cabinets, roof.

You name it and it is new.  Feel the safety of a "new" old house in your price range.  This is it.

Bonus:  Big back yard.

More more info and pictures click here.

Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 3955 S. Soncy Amarillo, TX 79119 806-290-1920 806-340-7630

New Price at 2708 Marrs in the Lawndale Addition Amarillo TX

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

Awesome remodeled house in Lawndale.  The seller likes granite and tile and you can tell by the qualify of workmanship.  Take a look at the kitchen cabinets!  And seller will pay $2000 in closing costs, a $500 home warranty and a survey with full price offer!!!

Great open living, dining and kitchen combo.  All appliances stay (not new or guaranteed).

Property has a marvelous over sized two car detached garage.  

It is a 3/1.5 bath.  The price is only $119,900!!!  Pack your bags.  Momma wants the house and daddy wants the garage!

Call, text or email.
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 3955 S. Soncy Amarillo, TX 79119 806-290-1920 direct line 806-340-7630

Let Me Tell You How A Real Estate Closing Can Blow Up On The Last Day?

Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 806290-1920

It is has been a tough week.  For me, my buyers the lender, and the title company.  Plus the seller and her new roof that was supposed to be taken out of proceeds.  
The deal died on closing day.  The absolute worst day.
Here is the saga--still ongoing-- of a sad tale when one person is either shady or two people are unclear about how to do things.  I prefer the latter.
My buyers found a house that they really loved.  We had a pre-approval and no one had any indication that there may be a skeleton in the closet.  The pre-approval went great.  All the fraud tests were down and we were clean.  Or so we thought.  
The seller had to put on a new roof because there was enough damage on the old roof to make it uninsurable.  She did so with the good intention of paying for the roof out of the proceeds of the house.  The roofer expected the same.
The lender began to have a "niggle".  You know a thought that didn't make sense. Out of the b…