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Dr. Pamela Madore House {Amarillo TX} 79119

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

I don't know if you ever watched the drama (like a soap opera drama) called House.  If you haven't it is just as well because it is a little goofy.

But the idea  is like buying a house.  House (as he is called) works for a major hospital and only takes on the  hard or interesting cases.  He has a diagnostic team and they come up with some off the wall ideas to solve the puzzle and cure the patient.

Just call me Dr. House.   I do help people in clinic duty but myself and my diagnostic team to figure out a way to make it work.  This includes both getting the mortgage and finding the perfect house.

My experience has shown me that no matter what price range you are in,  you will probably have some little thing or some big thing that has to be resolved before you can buy your house.

Many people are credit challenged and may be ashamed to try to get a mortgage.  That can be a mistake.  There isn't anything that can't be fixed.  Som…

About Pamela Madore Circa {1954}


I grew up in a town of 600. I could call everyone by name. Lee Maine is in the woods with brooks, streams, lakes and trees .  Summer was laughing called "the 4th of July" because it was so short.  Winters were long and cold with lots of snow.  I loved the outdoors.

I was an outdoorsy person and played all of the sports.
When I was a little girl people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am sure you were asked the same thing.

I went to college for one year to be a medical secretary. I failed typing which is the only thing I have every used since then. I took my test on a manual typewriter. I'll blame that.  
I worked  a few jobs --file clerk--shop dispatcher at a Ford garage-mowed lawns--until my late 20's when I friend of mine just got her real estate license and by default it sounded like a great idea.
It was much easier to get a license then.  We were also allowed to do appraisals and work as a loan officer.
I fell in love with selling raw land, camps…

Guess What VA Home Loan Benefits Can Be Used For

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Veterans Home Loan Specialist

Guess What VA Home Loan Benefits Can Be Used For

If you guessed all of these things then you guessed right

Buy a home, 

Buy a condominium unit in a VA-approved projectBuild a homeSimultaneously purchase and improve a homeImprove a home by installing energy-related features or making energy efficient improvementsBuy a manufactured home and/or lot.Refinance an existing loanAs you can see, there are many ways to use your VA Benefits.   Share this with your other VA friends.  Maybe they don't know!

Always here to help.  
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
3955 S. Soncy
Amarillo, TX, 79119

Are You A Veteran

Pamela Madore Local VA Home Loan Specialist 806-290-1920

Click here to be sure.
Don't read anything else on that page or you will be blinded with boredom.
My expertise is helping Veterans find VA homes.  There is a process to walk through starting with the loan approval.  All of that is very easy to do--if you do it all the time.  Like me.
If you have never used your VA home loan benefits or maybe you have never even bought a house, I can help.

It is the same as if you went to buy a new horse.  If you have never bought a horse before you are going to have to rely on expects that have horses and know about them.
As an aside, if you are going to buy a horse please wait until we have finished your loan and your loan and you have moved in.  And if you are going to have a horse, I guess we will need to find you a property that has a barn and allows horses,
Sometimes the hardest part is trying to figure out what to do first.  The answer is simply to get pre-qualified.  That is an easy process an…

I Will Submit Your HUD Foreclosure Bid For Free

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

I Will Submit Your HUD Foreclosure Bid For Free

Let me first define a HUD Foreclosure.  The owners of the property had an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage and they didn't make the payments so HUD (Housing and Urban Development) took over the FHA loan and property.  

HUD provides a list of current available houses for sale that they are accepting bids.  Recently the average has been about 10 at all times.

When you say "BID" you think of an auction.  It isn't exactly the same.  HUD gives us a purchase price and only if we feel that there will be several bids would you consider offering above the purchase price.  

Recently,  there was a really nice foreclosure in Tradewinds.  My clients really wanted the house.  We felt like it was a good deal so we offering a price higher than the asking price.  We got the bid and there were 4 other bids behind us.
 From the moment that I put in the bid to the moment t…