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Real Estate in The Wild West of Amarillo circa 1880

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Real Estate in The Wild West of Amarillo circa 1880
Real Estate Auction in Amarillo

I get curious a lot and I wondered what real estate sales looked like when Amarillo first came about.   I got this information from a lot of different places so I don't guarantee it is all accurate.  Louis L'Amour is my favorite author, too, so you never know what could pop up. Let's just say it is an overall composite fact and fiction (mostly fact). 

Potter County was organized August 30, 1887 at which time it had 164 voting citizens.  It is 30 miles square and contains 630,000 acres of land of which 325,000 are school lands that can be taken up by settlers and prospectors in tracts of from 160 to 640 acres.

I always wondered why we have this Potter/Randall line in the middle of Amarillo but I didn't find the answer.  A guy named Randal named the county Randall.  In the register they spelled his name wrong.

Amarillo was the hub for the railroad and cattle, therefore it grew. Hotels and brothels and saloons and all sort of shenanigans went on.  It was called Old Town then and is located in the Buchanan/3rd and 4th areas.  Somewhere along the line it was changed to Central City.

It was said that if a man of means and business minded and willing to work could build a house today that would be worth $10,000 in ten years.
#16 School Sections

The Amarillo Champion newspaper dated May 17, 1888 states the following,

"If an immigrant or a prospector desires to take up a section of land in this county, all he has to do is to come here and willing men will take him out and show him lands free of charge, and assist him in filing on a good section.  There are at this time 180 school sections taken up under the law of 1888"
The Public Sale of Town Lots is pretty self-explanatory.  I find it interesting that we still auction land and houses on the last Tuesday of the month.  It is an auction so no prices are registered.
    Section 16 of each township was reserved for "maintenance of public schools within said township." In the land ordinance, the township is not a civil township but a surveying unit: a six mile by six mile square, divided into 36 one square mile sections.

    Barbecue after auction

    Although the first name in the county records is not Henry Sanborn he is known as "the father of Amarillo:.

    Current Day Sanborn Park
    The Sanborn House

    Henry Sanborn

    You may be able to read some of the things in the old newspaper print but you can see that Town Lots were sold at a pubic sale in Amarillo.  You could take the train from Ft. Worth north to Amarillo or from Deven City south to Amarillo.  

    On the Panhandle Real Estate Exchange, there are a couple of interesting things in that article. First, you will notice that there was a real estate broker involved who weren't on commission.  You will also notice that there was financing available--at 12% interest.  That was the most allowed by law.  

    The next article was for an auction of lots.  The winner of the auction got his choice of location.  If the purchase did not exceed $100 cash was due that day.  If the purchase was over $100 , half was due at the auction and the rest was due in 6 months.   Anything over $200 required 1/3 cash at the auction, 1/3 in 6 months and the balance in 12 months.

    All deferred payments to draw 10% interest from date of sale

    The best part is the Free Barbecue On The Day Of The Sale

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10 Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent

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Tongue in Cheek

1.  You thrive on rejection.  Time after time after time people say no to you.  Sometimes they say it nicely and other times they use words you wouldn't say even outside of the church.

2.  You love to be made looking stupid.  "is that a wood floor of is it laminate?"  "No darling, it is imported Brazilian Bamboo."  Like I see that all the time so I would be sure to recognize it.  

3.  The  comparables  blatantly show the house is worth $300,000.  Seller calls you an idiot, subtly of course, because any idiot can see that the fireplace is stone not brick and the master bath has double sinks. He is stuck on $350,000 for his upgrades.

4.  Your buyer finds the perfect house.  Everything they have been looking for.  It is $400,000.  We go back to the office to write the contract up and the buyer says because of the fact the master doesn't have double sinks and the fireplace is rock instead of brick he wants to offer $350,000.  (#3 and #4 should meet.)

5.  Seller forgets to mention that the two pit bulls in the back yard are friendly.

6.  The house has an alarm.  I have the code.  We are good.  We go in the house and the beep beep is going while we frantically try to find the box.  The phone starts ringing and the police arrive.  The seller forgot to mention that the box was in the back of the closet in the third bedroom.

7. It is always polite to be exactly on time for an appointment.  So you always are.  Ten minutes after the designated appointment you call the buyer to see when they will arrive.  Oh my gosh, I totally forgot.

8.   Seller says that he is not leaving when the property is being shown because he breeds dogs and has to be there.  He wants no updates.  Don't call me unless you have a contract.  Don't put all those pictures in the MLS.  People don't need to know what I have.  Need 24 hour notice to show.

9.  Disgruntled overpriced seller storms into the office and demands to see whoever is in charge.  While waiting he explains  to anyone within ear shot all of the reasons you should not be a real estate agent and how very incompetent you are.  Maybe you shouldn't even be on the planet.

10.  My personal favorite.  You show a first time homebuyer a house.  They fall in love with it.  But they have to show moms and dads first.  We schedule to back a second time.  Dads trying to outdo themselves find countless things that are wrong with the  house and no one should ever buy it.   

But Dad's brother is a contractor so he should come look at it.  We schedule a 3rd appointment.  The contractor comes through the house and calls both dads idiots.  There is nothing wrong with the house.

 The first time homebuyers are elated! We write a contract and move on.  

In about a week you get a call.  The buyer wants to know if they could real quick show their aunts and cousins the house.   We schedule a 4th  appointment.  You are beginning to hate the house.  

Things keep moving on and you are nearly at the end when the buyer wants to know if they can go back and measure for curtains.  You schedule a 5th appointment.  

Hallelujah!  Done and go to the closing table.  Unfortunately, it was a friend's brother that you did this for and they only qualified for $70,000.  You walk away from the closing table with just about enough to buy the gas you spent.

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Amarillo TX, 79110 How To Get A Loan To Buy A House

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Amarillo TX, How To Get A Loan To Buy A House

Call  806-290-1920 to get assistance in applying for a mortgage loan

Worry No More!!!
Getting a loan to buy a house can be scary. It seems as though
everyone you talk to about getting a loan tells you a different story.  Lots of them are nightmares.

Back many years ago it was quite different to get a loan to buy a house.  You went to the local bank where everyone knew each other and you said, "I want a loan to buy a house."  And the banker mostly said "sure".

Wow!  Is it so not different now. If you went into a bank today and said that they would first tell you that  they they need every piece of paper that has anything to do with you in the last however many years.  And when you come back bring a pint of blood.

Call or Text 806-290-1920
It doesn't have to be that way.  The first thing you need to know is to find someone that knows what they are doing.  (call me).  The hard part about that is that each loan officer at each bank or lending institution knows what they can do.  Not all banks and lending institutions have the same rules, programs, interest rates, etc.  So if you go to a bank and they say you don't qualify, you give up.

I run an ad about owner financing and investor financing.  While for some people that is the way they need to go to get a loan to buy a house.  My experience has shown me, however, that more than 50% of the calls I get about owner financing I am able to place them with the right bank or lending institution and they are able to get the loan to buy a house.

It is true that  you will need to provide lots of paperwork but a good loan officer will explain to you
why they need it.

Pretty much the first that happens when you start is to run your credit to get your credit scores. Banks live and die by credit scores,  The thing is one bank might require a 640 credit score and you don't have that.  Well, that is OK because I have lenders that will go all the way down to 580 on credit scores.

Call me!

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Historic Route 66 in Amarillo TX 79106

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                     Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

US Historic Route 66 started in 1926 and ran through such cities as Chicago, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. With the advent of Interstates, Route 66 slowly died and in 1985 was removed from the United States Highway System in 1985.

Since then little pockets of Historic Route 66 have begun to pop up and offer an eclectic array of antiques, bars, and churches.

Amarillo is no different, we have begun the process of cleaning
Wedding Dress
up a portion of Route 66 and bringing back the charm of the old Historic Route 66.  As time goes on it is beginning to stretch on both sides and lengthening  the street.  Recently, I took a walk up and down Route 66 and took some photos.

I had been wanting a spider plant and the owner of the shop for kind enough for let me take some babies.

You can find graffiti and a tattoo parlor next to a church and a church school.

Or perhaps you would like to poke around in an antique shop or where tor you might find a wedding dress.

You will notice that all of the signs up and
down the street are named for states.  It would be 6th and Carolina.  6th and Maryland. That is the local way of describing where you are. On one end of 6th street is a 4 story mall with antiques and deja vue.

Smokey Joe's Texas Cafe
To say that this street is eclectic would be an understatement.   It is a favorite place for bikers to hang out and on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon there could be 50 or 60 bikes backed rear end in front of Smokey Joe's.  Across the street is Mexican food.

Over the last few years may people have worked to clean up the area and make it a tourist attraction.

If you are ever in Amarillo you must visit what is locally known as 6th street.

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Drastic Price Reduction From $180,000 to $165,000 in City View!!! 4 Bedroom!!!

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