Friday, July 31, 2015

How Bold Are You?

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Two Time Bold Graduate

How Bold Are You?

In our business, the very last thing we need to be is a Secret Agent.  That might work for James Bond but is doesn't work for us.  Wouldn't mind some of his cool cars, though.

But wait!  Statistics show that Bold Graduates increase their business, on average --Oh   let's just have Gary Keller tells us.

So maybe you can afford one of those cool James Bond cars after taking BOLD! Huh?

BOLD is not a one time know-it-all thing.  Some people take it FOUR times a year!!  We are so blessed to have this amazing BUSINESS BOOST class called BOLD come to our little bitty market center.    Our leadership felt that we NEEDED it  so let's not let them done.  You are going to sign up for BOLD, aren't you?

Listen to what Brittany Purcell has to say about it.

If your biggest reason that you haven't already signed up for the BOLD is because you think you can't afford it, I am here to tell you that you can't afford NOT to take it.

Did you know that Keller Williams is the #1 Training Company across all industries anywhere?  Did you know that the #1 training class in Keller Williams is BOLD?  That should speak volumnes to you!

If you have been in the business for a while, you have a tendency to fall into old easy ways.  I know I do so that is why I am signing up for BOLD!!  

Sign up!  New agents and all of us "old" agents.  

This guy may be talking about our instructor.  Take a listen.

By the way, this class isn't limited to just KW agents.  Anyone is invited to come!!!  Let's fill the room!!

Pam Madore
scholarships may be available--see Mark--do what Brittany did

Friday, July 24, 2015

The PARC (Panhandle Adult Rehabilitation Center) Amarillo, TX

Article Presented by Pamela Madore

The PARC is a non-profit Adult Rehabilitation Center.  It's mission is to provide a safe place for the homeless to spend time during the day.

It isn't just a place to come "hang out", although, if that is what you want to do that is fine.  There is a myriad of activities.

Eve didn't eat the apple but instead bit off the head of the snake.

Daily there are classes taught about subjects ranging from how to fill out a job application to how to create a mosaic piece of art.  

The PARC was a vision of Valerie Gooch and Robert Lee, among others, to fill a void that isn't being filled by the Salvation Army, Food Banks, and medical facilities.  The PARC is a complement to these facilities.

You can drop by anytime just to see what is happening and to sit and talk to someone that lives on the street and find out who they are and why they ended up on the street.  There are some pretty incredible stories.

Occasionally, we have Art Shows where the members put their talents to use and spend weeks creating things to put in the share.  They take great pride in their work and are always excited to see if what they made sells.  They feel that this is a ways to give back to a place that has become a big family of people.

We don't put prices on any of the items.  They are sold by donation only.  The pieces you see in this article are pieces that I was fortunate enough to purchase and I treasure them.

It is always a bitter-sweet moment when someone has worked through the system and found a job and a place to live and no longer needs the daily activities of the PARC.  Lifelong friendships are developed.

The honor and privilege of being a volunteer at the PARC has taught me a lot.  I often think it is better therapy for me to visit with them than the other way around.  Now when I see a homeless person on the corner I don't have the little fear or maybe revulsion.  Now I see them as real people that fell on hard luck.

We are always looking for volunteers to come and teach classes.  Please contact me if you are interested in helping.

Remember, just your presence and interest is a gift to our members.

For more information contact me or The PARC directly.

413 SW 6th Ave.
Amarillo, TX 79101

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Trip To Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas

Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group
Keller Williams Realty

Just west of Amarillo off from I-40 (the old Route 66) is the phenomena known as Cadillac Ranch.  When you think about what Cadillac Ranch may look like you will probably not even come close to what is really there.

Cadillac Ranch Amarillo TX

There are no souvenir shops or maps of the area. You can't buy the T-shirt  There are no big signs saying Cadillac Ranch.  As a matter of fact, it would be pretty easy to drive right on by without even noticing it.

Cadillac Ranch is currently located at 35°11′14″N 101°59′13.4″W. It was originally located at 35°11′6.6″N 101°56′58.6″W in a wheat field, but in 1997 the installation was quietly moved by a local contractor to a location two miles (three kilometers) to the west, to a cow pasture along Interstate 40, in order to place it farther from the limits of the growing city. (Wikepidia)  

As you can see giving directions to reach the ranch can be  challenging.

Cadillac Ranch has a rich history including the types of Cadillacs used, the original location, the project initiators and, of course, eccentric millionaire Stanley Marsh 3.

Ten Cadillacs were built from 1948-1963 were buried nose down with their tails facing due west at an angle that is supposed to be as that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Today it is a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors a year--each brining their own bag of spray paint.  Graffiti is its #1 claim to fame.  

Recently the cars were all painted pink in recognition of Breast Cancer.  Within hours they were being repainted.  The pictures you will see here I took today and already you can see the pink is disappearing. It is said that by the time you leave your mark and walk back to your car, your mark will probably be already covered over.  

Here are the 10 Cadillacs as they looked like today, July 11,2015.  We have recently had a lot of rain so some of them may look a little underwater.

Cadillac Ranch Car #1 Closest to Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch Car #2

Cadillac Ranch Car #3

Cadillac Ranch Car # 4

Cadillac Ranch Car #5

Cadillac Ranch Car #6

Cadillac Ranch Car #7

Cadillac Ranch Car #8

Cadillac Ranch Car #9

Cadillac Ranch Car #10

Those are the 10 Cadillacs.  They have been vandalized but the icon remains strong.  Here is a picture of a spray paint can graveyard.

Tomorrow they will look totally different as they evolve according to our imagination.  Some time ago a local photographer took a photo of the site and photoshopped by daughter and I in it.  You can see the difference from then to now.  Notice, however, that Pink has always been a prominent color.

Cadillac Ranch  is a metamorphosis.  It is constantly changing like a living being and definitely a place to visit when in Amarillo Texas.

Article presented by Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group
Keller Williams Realty

Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Find Buyers in Amarillo Texas!

Pamela Madore

What we are going to do is find a buyer that wants to buy your house.  Selling implies that we do signs and fliers and open houses, The number of actual buyers that come through your house is minuscule.

We find thousands of buyers that make their own appointment any time of day or night and look through your house via the online presentation.

That is why it is extremely important that your online presentation is catchy and can hold someone's attention.  How long is it before you click through to the next thing?  One second?  Three?  Five?

I have found that a real on-site 30 second video works well.  I usually do those myself to add a little idiocy to it.  Anything to keep them on your page!

Make sure that your house is picked up.  I was taking pictures of a house one time and kitchen counter was crammed with stuff.  I whisked it all away sticking things in drawers, refrigerator, pantry, and dishwasher.  Any place I could find room.  You need clean, sweet pictures.

Buyers are sick of 3/2/2 with a large back yard.  Buyers want some excitement!  Many times this will be their first house.  It needs pizzazz!  And its description needs pizzazz!

My husband and I used to rehab houses and in every house we put something to set it apart. Sometimes it was a really cool light fixture or a bowl sink.  Just something to keep them engaged and your house memorable.

Remember that 90% of buyers are doing 10-20  second views of your house.  That 10-20 seconds has to have the most impact as possible.

We know how to do this.  Click here to get started.

The Pamela Madore Group
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Keller Williams Realty
7304 SW 34th
Amarillo, TX 79121

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thinking Of Selling? Just Had Multiple Offers On A Property on The Market Less Than A Week

Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group

Thinking Of Selling?  Just Had Multiple Offers On A Property on The Market Less Than A Week

The property I told you about last week at 5611 Bailey now has two offers on it.  We turned one down so that is a total of 3 offers.

Buyers are fighting over houses but with fair offers.  They are not overpaying for properties.  They are just buying them.

Oh, by the way, I have another listing on the market for 10 days at 2815 James Louis and just received an amazing offer.

If you are thinking of selling, it is now time to move.  Don't worry about the whole sell/buy process.  Piece of cake.  

Just take a minute to give us the address you are interesting in finding out its value (please not your neighbor) and get a quick answer followed up by a real Comparative Market Analysis if you want one. 

Sell!  Sell!  Sell!

Don't Delay.  Call Today.

Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group
Pink House Team
Keller Williams Realty
7304 SW 34th
Amarillo, TX 79121

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