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Hoof Prints ---Welcome to Amarillo Texas

Pamela Madore 
The Pamela Madore Group

Hoof Prints--Welcome to Amarillo Texas

There have been millions of horse prints through Amarillo from its early history in the old west.  Even today it is not uncommon to see horses in pastures or riders along the side of the highway.  

Amarillo is a city named in many country western songs, "Amarillo By Morning" and "Amarillo Sky" to name two.  Many of Louis L'Amour books traveled through Amarillo.  We are a unique city.

If you have spent much time in Amarillo you have probably seen beautifully painted horses here and there around the city.

Each horse is an exact replica of a Quarter Horse.  They are made of fiberglass and weigh approximately 125 pounds each--which is considerable less than a real quarter horse that weighs in at about 1000 pounds.

Once a horse is complete it belongs to the person or business owner that purchased it.  The cost is $3500.  The average time spent from start to finish is about 6 mont…

Want to Live In The Country on 3.5 Acres? Today is your Lucky Day At Only $85,000

Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group
Pink House Team

Want to Live In The Country on 3.5 Acres?  Today is your Lucky Day At Only $85,000

The property, 5611 Bailey Lane,  is a mobile home and is located in an area where there are other mobile homes.  Most other properties have no more than 1 acre.  This home has 3.5 acres and is fenced in sections.  It is priced very fairly at $85,000.  It is nestled in and our trees by the front porch.

The inside has been updated with hand textured walls, remodeled bathroom, and all laminate wood floors.  The room colors are tastefully pained.  This house is move-in -ready.

It is listed as having 1568 sq ft but it has a bigger feel when inside due to the open floor plan.  It also has a split floor plan with a secluding master donning a soaking tub.  The master bedroom is a great size and it has lots of closet space.

In this area at this price with 3.5 acres
I expect it will sell within a couple of weeks, or less.

There are very few mobiles in this …