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It Was A Long Time Coming...The Pamela Madore Group--365 Days To Buy

The Pamela Madore Group
Pink House Team
Keller Williams Realty


Perseverance and patience and stick-to-it-ness and finally we made it to the closing table.

I was beginning to wonder if I knew how to do my job.  The rule of thumb is that you can find a property for a buyer within 3-4 weeks.  We were over a year.  I don't dare think of how many consults we had or how many houses we looked at. They said this is our top 5 and even when we found a house with the top 5 it wasn't just right.

The interesting thing was they weren't really that fussy.  There were just certain things they needed to fit their families needs.

We got to know each other.  They know what I look like after I just got out of bed and I know they love sneakers.  They know my dog and I know their grand baby.

Some people think that real estate is about selling ice cubes to Eskimos.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  And when someone is considering getting their real es…