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The Pamela Madore Group At Keller Williams Realty Welcomes Julie Sauls As Our New Buyer's Agent

The Pamela Madore Group At Keller Williams Realty Welcomes Julie Sauls As Our New Buyer's Agent.  The Pamela Madore Group, also known as the Pink House Team,  has begun to hire specialists in each area of the real estate transaction.

Julie Sauls comes from a long history of customer service. She has dealt with the public for many years and will now be specializing in helping buyers make their dreams come true.

"We are very happy to have Julie on our team.  She is a great asset and because her only job is help buyers get qualified and into houses she will have only one thing to focus on", says Madore.

Real Estate Teams are beginning to be the trend in Amarillo and across the country.  There are so many aspects of a real estate transaction a single agent is at a disadvantage.  The Pink House Team is hiring one person for each position.  These positions include administration, transaction coordinator, buyer's agents, listing specialists, showing assistants and as busines…

When I Sell My House How Much Time Do I Have To Move Out???

Pamela Madore

When I Sell My House How Much Time Do I Have To Move Out?

"So OK.  If we close on the 25th, how soon after that do we have to be out?"

This is an expectation that should be set up early. It gives your seller something else to stress about.

"Really?  Ok.  Well, if we have to be out on the 25th, we will need to close on our new house a week early."

If you need the money from the sale of your existing house to buy a new house, that won't work.  I probably should have set that expectation earlier.

"Well........then how do we do it?"

Saying that you have to live in your car a few days is probably not the answer they are looking for.

So how does this whole simultaneous close, move-out---move-in, thing work?

There are an endless number of answers to this question.  And most of them involve stress.  Let's look at a few things that could affect what happens.  If I set the expectation on all of these things,…

4 Tips On How To Know When Is The Best Time To Sell A House

Pamela Madore
The Pamela Madore Group

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

That is a question that I get asked often.  There really isn't a simple answer to that question but there are some things that you an watch to help determine the answer for you.

Tip #1  Watch what interest rates are doing.  If they are going down there will be lots of buyers that want to take advantage of the lower interest rates.  If rates are going up, however, there will be less buyers.

Tip#2  Notice real estate for sale signs on houses.  If you drive around your neighborhood and there are no, or very few, houses for sale you might consider that this would be a good time to put your house on the market.  You may be able to get top dollar if you are the only game in town.  On the other hand, if there are many houses for sale there will be a lot of competition driving the prices down.

Tip#3   Find out what the rental market is doing in your area.  If there are no, or very f…