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How Do I Find Out What My Amarillo House Is Worth?

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What Is My Amarillo House Worth?

You could try Facebook.  Or maybe Pinterest.  You could probably tweet #whatismyamarillohouseworth. Or you can ask a professional to help you get an idea of  what your Amarillo house is worth.

The thing to remember is, though, that Realtors are not magicians or fortune tellers.  Realtors don't decide on the price anyway.  The Buyer always decides the price.  I can show you the data that is currently available but that doesn't mean that is what buyers are thinking today.

Buyers think about the future not the past.  We have to rely on the past to think about what buyers are thinking.  Sometimes the two things don't intersect.

The reason I am telling your all of this is that if your Realtor is giving you a definitive price, they aren't considering buyers future thoughts.

There is a pretty good chance that buyers decide the price based on payment.  I have found it interesting over the years that…

Great Opportunity For One Lucky Amarillo Buyer!

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Selling Amarillo Homes Is Not For The Average Realtor

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Selling Amarillo Homes Is Not For The Average Realtor

Did you know that an average Realtor sells 12 houses a year?

Most Realtors don't have a business mindset.  We are by nature entrepreneurs and like the freedom that gives us.  It also makes us average.

An average Realtor usually has 1 to 2 buyers they work with a month.  They are always wondering where their next buyer will come from.  If they list your house here in Amarillo for sale, they have maybe 10-12 buyers to tell about it.

What you, a seller, need is someone that is way beyond the average.  This would be a Realtor that knows how to run a business.  My business is to sell your house.  It is going to make my job, and ultimately you meeting your goals, much easier if I have 500 or 1000 buyers to tell about your house.

As a seller you are looking for a more experienced Realtor.  Since most Realtors start with buyers because there are more buyers than sellers, generally speaking, …

Text Pink6 to 88000 To Get Information On Your Amarillo House For Sale

Pamela Madore
Pink House Team
Keller Williams Realty

Text Pink6 to 88000 right now.  

Did you do it?  

When a buyer drives by any of our listings in Amarillo they will see a text rider and be able to text on the spot to see all of the information on the house.  It takes them directly to a mobile website with additional information and pictures.

There is also a place to fill out their information for me to contact them and ask if they have additional questions or would like to see the house. When you text Pink6, you will get a link to my personal app provided to all Keller Williams agents to help sellers attract buyers.  

When you download this app you will be able to just touch "nearby homes" and it will take you directly to the houses that are for sale in your neighborhood.  It is a much better app than because of the many features it has.  One of my favorites is the ability to draw a map of the area that you are interested in. You only get those houses.�…

Finding Your Amarillo Home Value


Pink House Team As with anything in life, when you are ready to sell your home you have to have a plan.  Most people don't wake up one morning and say, "I'm selling my house today", then immediately put it on the market.  Of course, there are people that do that but not the majority.  A plan must include several elements from the beginning (deciding to sell) to the end (having your house sold). There are many things to take into consideration.  


Why sell and why sell now?  There are hundreds of different reasons why you might  want to sell your house.  It can range anywhere from down-sizing, up-sizing, different location or school district or maybe just to get out of a big mortgage.  It is never time to sell if you are just thinking about it.  Selling a house is an event and can only be accomplished if you REALLY want to sell. 

Deciding what to do next.  Once you have made the decision to sell you must consider as part of your pla…

Are You A First Time Home Seller In Amarillo Texas?

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Keller Williams Realty


There is plenty of information for First-Time Home Buyers but where is the information for First-Time Home Sellers?

If you remember when you bought your house you went through a process to get the keys.  Play that record backwards and you have part of the process. You will now have a buyer going through the process to get your keys.

But what did the seller do when they sold you their house?  What was their process?

Finding a Great Realtor is the first part of the process.  Your uncle's mother's brother may have a real estate license but that doesn't mean he is a great Realtor.  Do some research.  What would you consider a Great Realtor to be?

Who will buy your house? The first thing a Great Realtor does when preparing to list your house is think about what kind of buyer will buy it. What does your house have or not have? Will it be a young family looking for school districts?  Or a retiree that is do…

Is Your Amarillo Realtor A Stalker?

The Pamela Madore Group
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When we list your house for sale, we become stalkers.  That may not sound like a good thing, but in this case it is.  You want your Realtor to stalk for you.

The first thing you will see is us stalking your neighborhood. Incognito, we will move from house to house passing out fliers and asking who your neighbors might know that wants to buy your house. When they give us a lead, we become buyer stalkers.

Anyone that has ever expressed that they might be interested in a house like yours is immediately on our radar and we go after them like a dog with a bone until they either buy your house or are eliminated (no, we don't kill them).

Next we become internet stalkers.  If you are reading this, you know what I mean.  No matter what someone googles, as long as it is about a house in Amarillo, you pop up.  We create ways for hundreds of buyers to connect with us so we can tell them about your house.  We don't take n…

When Buying Your Amarillo Home You Need A Team

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We Want To Be On Your Team!
Buying a home can be a scary thing even if you have done it before.  Our job is to walk you through the entire process and make sure it is as stress free as possible. Email today for a free home-buying kit!
We can help you with your financing.  We have lenders that will go as low as 580 on credit scores.  We a one mortgage program that will allow you to put only $500 down on a $100,000 house!
OWNER FINANCINGAvailable On Some Properties

Search for properties all over Amarillo on our website. Register for "alerts" and every time a property that meets your criteria, you will receive an email. 

Questions?  Ask here.   

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!
Don't Delay!  Call Today!

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What Will Your Amarillo Home Buyer Say When You Ask For Your Money Back?

Pink House Team
Keller Williams Realty

What Will Your Amarillo Home Buyer Say When You Ask For Your Money Back?

You paid $200,000 for your nice four bedroom home in Hillside Terrace.  You loved it so much you added $30,000 of upgrades.  Now you want to sell your house and move to Sendora Valley. Will your buyer give you back your $30,000?   

The answer is most likely "no".  Why?  Because most likely there is another very nice four bedroom home in Hillside Terrace for less than $230,000.

Recently I did a comparative market analysis (CMA) for a seller.  They had owned the house only five years or so and it was one of the smallest in their area.  The comparables were clear of what the market will bear at the time--that is, what will a buyer feel like your house is worth. Remember, it is always what the buyer decides.

I completed the CMA and presented to the seller.  He scoffed at me and said, "I have put $30,000 of upgrades since I bought th…

Career Night At Keller Williams Realty in Amarillo

Pamela Madore Of The Pink House Team At Keller Williams Realty Announces Career NightIf you have been thinking about a career in Real Estate, Pamela Madore encourages you to attend Career Night at Keller Williams Realty.

Career Opportunity PRLog (Press Release) - May 19, 2014 - AMARILLO, Texas -- Pamela Madore of the Pink House Team announces a new Career Night initiative at Keller Williams Realty in Amarillo, Texas. The ongoing times will be at Noon on the first Tuesday of each month and the third Tuesday at 5pm.

Information presented by Beth Carter, Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty in Amarillo will present information on how to obtain a license and what to expect when started your Real Estate Career.

"There will be real-life information presented.  Sometimes people have a pie in the sky attitude about real estate.  This will show you real opportunities and how to get there." says Madore.

Keller Williams Realty in Amarillo is located at 7304 SW 34t…

Don't Make A Mistake And Lose Money Selling Your Amarillo House

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Did you every make a mistake?  Of course, we all have.  My father used to say that "if all it cost us is money" then we need to be thankful.  

Even so, losing money is not a fun thing.  Especially when it was something that could have been avoided.  Poor planning and not thinking things through can cost you a lot of time, money, and stress.

I got an email from a past client who "got talked into" listing their house for sale with another Realtor. She apologized profusely and asked if I could help.  The answer is no if she already has a listing agreement with another company.  

The house had been on the market for 6 weeks and had only had one showing.  They really need to sell the house and felt like the other Realtor wasn't doing a good job.  She decided to ask the other Realtor to let her out of the contract.

I got another email from her today.  The other Realtor wants $3000 to let her out of the listing agreement.  …