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Legally Blond and Pink

Legally Blond is one of my all-time favorite movies.  If you haven't seen it lately treat yourself and watch it again.
The main character's name is Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon.  Elle grew up in a rich Belair type setting.  Her parents were jet-setters and Elle is blond.
Warner is her heartthrob and she expects him to propose to her.  Instead he breaks up with her.  Elle is thrown into a tailspin when Warner tells her that he needs someone serious if he is going to make partner in a law firm by the time he is thirty.  And Elle is blond--not serious.
This is where the lesson begins.  Warner is going to Harvard and Elle "decides" she is going to Harvard, too.  Her parents think she is crazy--she has won too many beauty titles to throw her life away at Harvard.
Elle meets with her guidance counselor and announces that she is going to Harvard.  The counselor gently suggests that she might need a second choice.  Elle says,  "There is no second choice, I am…

Tracked by Foursquare

I always remember to check-in at the Pink House Team at Keller Williams and at Starbucks.  Foursquare is an interesting way to track where your friends are and you notice what their habits are.   You notice things about friends that you did't know.
For instance, I am friends with a Foursquare user and I notice that she and her family eat out way more than I thought possible.  The other night she checked in at one restaurant and her husband checked in at another restaurant.  I asked her about it and she said that her husband was premature in his selection of restaurants.
You can also leave a Foursquare tip.  By leaving a tip you can tell others that may be thinking about a place you have visited whether or not they might be satisfied there.  Maybe they will tell you to try a certain menu item.
Foursquare will allow you to check in anywhere.  You can add whatever location you want.  You can name it whatever you want.  
Another interesting thing about Foursquare is that you can become ma…

Four Bedroom Homes in City View

The Pamela Madore Group
Keller Williams Realty
Pink House Team
7304 SW 34th
Amarillo, TX 79121

Great 4br. 2 bth in CityView.  Three car garage.  Fireplace.  Mature landscaping and beautiful back yard.

Owner Financing. Smart thing for a seller?

The Pamela Madore Group

Is owner financing something that sellers should consider?  There are many advantages to owner financing also called seller financing.  Let's talk about a few.

I am not an accountant but if you talk to yours you may find that selling your house and receiving a big lump sum of money may have  a bigger tax liability than if you financed and took the money over a period of time. Your banker may say that they can take the money and put it into a CD and pay you peanuts.  It is safe but not working for you.  Your financial adviser may say put it in a money market and stocks.  We have all seen how that can work out.  Owner financing may be the answer you are looking for.

In a seller financing transaction, you the seller are acting as a bank.  A buyer comes in and gives you a down payment and you receive money payments of principal and interest.  The interest rate is higher for you because there is some risk.  Some sellers receive up to 12% in interest.  Doing the…